Meet Us

Henderson Home Inspection, LLC


I have lived in Rhea County, Tennessee all of my life. I have made a home here with my beautiful wife Anita and our son. We are youth leaders at our local church and spend our spare time at the baseball field coaching our son. Having a family is what sparked my interest in becoming a home inspector. My family and I were looking at buying a new house, and after months of searching, we found our dream home. Little did we know our dream home was full of surprises I wish I had been prepared for. I want to help people have peace of mind while buying a home and truly enjoy their buying experience without the worry of what is hidden beneath. I completed the 90-hour Professional Real Estate Inspection Certification Program from Inspection Certification Associates Certification #15335 as well as the National Home Inspection Exam for the State of Tennessee Certification. I look forward to being able to help the people of my community and surrounding areas enjoy their homes for many years to come.

Dustin Anderson of Anderson Home Inspection