Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a home inspector does not issue a pass or fail on a home. It is an professional unbiased opinion of the overall condition of the home. The home inspector has no authority to require any actions to be taken. Clients are given the information collected and make their own decisions about bargaining and/or repairs.

The report will be emailed within 24 Hours after the inspection and payment has received.

Payment is due at the conclusion of the inspection. I will be accepting these forms of payments:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Debit
  • All Major Credit Cards​

The price of the inspection is based off of the size of the home. Larger homes take longer to do which makes these a larger fee.

Up to 2,000 sq. ft. – Call
2,001 sq. ft.  to 2,500 sq. ft. – Call
2,501 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft. – Call
3,001 sq. ft. to 3,500 sq. ft – Call
Above 3,500 sq. ft. – Call

Generally 3 hours some could take a little less,some bigger homes could take substantially longer.

It is not required, but it is encouraged. Being present at the inspection will give you a first hand view and a better understanding of the report. It will also provide the opportunity to go over a few things to help maintain  things that require routine upkeep as a new buyer.

Buying a home is the biggest investment most families will make in their lives. You want that to be an enjoyable experience by knowing what you have bought. It could however  turn into a heartbreaking experience if you have bought your dream home only to find out soon after moving in that major repairs costing thousands of dollars are needed that could have been found by a home inspector prior to closing. – Or in a pre-listing inspection you will know as the seller if there are any potential “deal killers” you need to give attention to before listing on your own time and not under the gun trying to save the deal.

  • Insulation & Ventilation
  • Chimneys
  • Roof Drainage
  • Windows
  • Exterior Finishes
  • Doors, Foundation & Structure
  • Electrical Service & Distribution Wiring
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Interior Finishes
  • Heating & Air Conditioning

The Tennessee Standards of Practice states all the exclusions of a home inspection. I highly recommend reading over this and the contract before the inspection so that you are fully aware what is within the scope of the inspection.

  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets leaking.
  • Spray nozzle leaking.
  • Tub faucet leaking.
  • Drain plugs in sinks and tubs not working.
  • Toilets loose at the base of the floor.
  • Reverse mechanism to switch from shower to bath.
  • Loose banisters.
  • Broken window seals.
  • Bath room fans vented into attic and not outside.
  • Insulation in attic blocking soffit vents.
  • Rotted kick plate under front door.
  • Soft rotted wood around windows, doors, and trim around garage doors at base.
  • Earth to wood contact.
  • Unsafe spacing on railings.
  • Vegetation overgrown and coming in contact with home.
  • Debris in gutters.
  • Down spouts diverted toward walkways and driveways.

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